You say that water is boring, it has no flavour and you don’t really think about drinking it. Well, you probably should and heres why.
The friendly health doc doesn’t tell you to drink 8 cups a day for nothing.

Benefits of Water

1. Your body is 60% water, it needs water to function properly

2. Hydration clears the impurities and toxins out of your body

3. Helps you burn fat and build more muscle

4. Water is the best form of energy replenishment ( not coffee or red bull)

5. If you want to stay in shape and flexible you need to drink water to cushion your joints and lubricate them.

6. Water helps you control how much you eat. You know when you’re super hungry and you just want to eat everything? Truth is you’re probably just super thirsty and your body is searching for water sources.

Want to spice up your water? Add fresh lemon slices, 1/4 should be perfect.