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Ingenious water drinking idea!

water drinking


Purchase a cheap water bottle and use a sharpie pen to write down these times of the day when you should have your water drank by. This is great for keeping healthy and measuring your daily water in-take.



6 reasons you should take your workout outside


Stop working out at the small and not so great smelling gym. Take your workout outdoors and enjoy the scenery not the sweaty buff heads at the gym.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take your workout outdoors.

1-   Go explore your neighbourhood and run outside. You’ll be surprised that time passes a lot quicker running outdoors then at the gym. This will combat workout boredom, and will allow your brain to focus on other things rather than thinking about how far you have run or how much your quads burn.

2-   Working out outside can challenge your body in different ways. Working out at the gym all the time gets your body used to the elliptical or treadmill for example, whereas the varied terrain of a park might be just what your body needs to challenge itself to move in a varied, more complex way.

3-   A big reason for taking your workout routine outside is that you are saving money, which every student needs to do. Gym memberships can surely drain your bank account.

4-   Taking your workout outside will also make you a happier person. Playing outside is like organic Prozac. Breathing fresh air opposed to recycled air can create a feeling of euphoria, which comes from the body’s release of feel-good endorphins. It makes your mind respond better which makes you want to work harder.

5-   Gyms are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Working out outside will prevent you from in taking any sort of unnecessary germs. MRSA is the most dangerous super bug you can catch at your fitness facility—it’s resistant to most antibiotics and can cause fever, rash, wounds, and chest pain.

6-   You can workout whenever you want. The outdoors is always ready to go. No class schedules, and no waiting in line for the elliptical machine. You can literally workout whenever you want when choosing to do so outside.

Drink more Water



You say that water is boring, it has no flavour and you don’t really think about drinking it. Well, you probably should and heres why.
The friendly health doc doesn’t tell you to drink 8 cups a day for nothing.

Benefits of Water

1. Your body is 60% water, it needs water to function properly

2. Hydration clears the impurities and toxins out of your body

3. Helps you burn fat and build more muscle

4. Water is the best form of energy replenishment ( not coffee or red bull)

5. If you want to stay in shape and flexible you need to drink water to cushion your joints and lubricate them.

6. Water helps you control how much you eat. You know when you’re super hungry and you just want to eat everything? Truth is you’re probably just super thirsty and your body is searching for water sources.

Want to spice up your water? Add fresh lemon slices, 1/4 should be perfect.

Tone that Stomach



Have some free time? Try toning up that McDonald’s stomach. Heres how you do it!
Sit up straight with your feet on the floor. Start to tighten your stomach as you lift your feet off the ground. (Legs can be bent or straight)
Do 12 reps in sets of three.

It’s like doing crunches in a chair.