My name’s Jess, I’m in my last year of advertising at Algonquin College. In just a few months I’ll be heading out to my internship at the NAC here in Ottawa. In my spare time you can usually find me battling monsters or saving Hyrule from certain doom. Old school horror movies and the latest thrillers are also on my radar.  On the flip side I’m also really into keeping healthy and active. I work out 4 times a week and I keep my diet on a green path. I have a cat named Leo, he’s a Tabby with the biggest princess attitude.  One day I hope to move out to Newfoundland and live in a house by the ocean. I want to be able to smell the salty air and see the stars from my deck at night.



Hello world, my name is Jessica McGregor. I am one of the creator’s of this fabulous blog. I am a third year student at Algonquin College getting ready to graduate in the next few months. Over the years as an advertising and marketing student I have met amazing students, teachers and contacts from various agencies. I was given the opportunity to work on amazing projects such as marketing campaigns for Operation Come Home, a fictional project management campaign for South American Adventures and many more. I have learned how to use programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Nadbank. As a student I was also given the opportunity to pull a few all nighters to finish crazy assignments, to partake in a few “ugly sweater” Christmas parties; can’t say I remember my nights very well and also visited agencies in Toronto and New York City. Over the years memories where made, new life long friendships formed and lessons definitely where learned. While doing all of this I have  indebted myself greatly and I struggled to maintain a healthy diet. I have been to various gyms to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle but always ended up stopping, being too busy with school. We have tasked ourselves with filling our brains  with as much information as we can muster up about eating on a budget, staying healthy and living a stress-free and exciting life. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exploring new recipes and and give you insight on how to live life to the fullest.


It’s busy living the ad student life. So in order to stay healthy, you sort of need to be organized to the max. It’s so hard to eat the right foods when you need to spend that extra half hour in bed from the late homework session the night before. In order to keep a slightly healthy routine, I try to make food the night before or at least have it ready to quickly make before school. Having bananas and granola bars on hand is always key, they give you energy that you so desperately need in the morning and they’re easy for grab and go meals when you’re running late.
As for staying in shape when you spend 40+ hours a week in front of the computer, that’s hard too. Personally, I make sure to give myself time to walk to school. It’s about half an hour from my door to my classroom. If you’re in walking distance, that’s a great way to get in some exercise and dragging your backpack and laptop doesn’t hurt either.
Other ways to throw in little bits of exercise is to try the tips and tricks on this awesome website. There are tons of references on here that appeal to any busy student.